New Ways to Discover Great Apps on Android Market

Android Market is the source application that serves as a shopping center applications that are up to date and fashionable. So that various kinds of applications and games the best, newest, and most popular can be found at Android Market. With a number of applications that more than 4.5 billion, making anyone else get a variety of applications. And all applications are available from more than 200,000 applications that support more than 300 Android devices.

And now, there are five new features of the Android Market in order to focus you to quickly find the application you want.

Trending apps is a feature that will show you directly to the homepage of the Android Market with the latest trends and most popular applications. And you do not have to open and find a page that presents the latest applications.

Better related apps that notify you of any applications relating to the application you have selected. For example, when you choose one game to find hidden objects, then you will be shown a variety of related games hidden objects other. This feature gives you the choice of many applications and in accordance with your preferences.

Top Developers. The developers will also get an appreciation of their application. Especially for the developers  who has most popular application, best, and most famous. Appreciation shown by the way they will get a special icon on the website of the Android Market.

Editors’ Choice is a feature that makes some applications selected by the staff of the Android Market based on several criteria such as productivity game, and so forth.

New top app charts that will show you the various applications of the latest, best, and favorite with the relevant graph reports so that you know the development of applications in the Android Market. This is one form of transparency between users and Android Market.

The Android Market hoping five new features to provide comfort and convenience for you as a user. And hopefully you can take advantage of this feature well and the maximum.

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