Magnetic Field as the Beginning of Universe

Knowledge about where the big magnetic field comes from in the galaxy now started to find new discovery. According to new research, the smart discovery begins with the condition where there are weak magnetic fields that walk or going through and pass the universe. Many galaxies such as Bima Sakti have its own magnetic field with big scale. Even though the magnetic field is weaker compared with the magnetic field, the scientist think that various version of galactic help it built stars formation. It started the cosmic light, and rules the dynamic gas between stars.

Many scientists believe that magnetic field is created from the movement of stimulated gas in various proto-galaxy or they are produced outside the galaxy by the unseen process in the beginning of the universe. The seed according to NASA in this smart discovery, is always there in the universe before the galaxy is even created. According to the theory, the primordial seed can be created from the particle that is stimulated and also explode with the supernova doom. Neronov and his team said that the seed can be bigger in one galaxy because of the slow spinning of galaxy causing the particle stimulated and gases become in one line to the magnetic field seed line.

Neronov even mapped out what happens when the gamma rays hit the photons, or light particles, and they found out that collisions produce a beam of electromagnetic activity. And it is still only the beginning of the smart discovery. Even though the scientists are still not sure of the high energy process which may create magnetic fields first in the young universe without galaxies, at least this discovery can be the beginning for the other in the future. Scientists promise to do a research on this, to know whether the seed really play a role in the formation of galaxies and the parts of the galaxy.

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