Complete Features of Flexispy

Flexispy is top spy software that can make you possible to monitor some people. This software can be installed in mobile phone. The advantages of using this software is you can observe what people are doing in their daily life, track their location, what they search on the internet, and monitor their chat. For parent, this makes you able to monitor your children who already have their own cellphone. You do not need to be worried about what they are doing in social media. For you who have business, Flexispy tracker help you to monitor every advertisement that is post in social networking. Or if you worried about your close related people, you can just install Flexispy in their mobile phone.

Flexispy have two years-license, premium and extreme. The Premium Flexispy is a basic need spy that will give you every features you need to spying people. The first feature of Premium Flexispy is call monitoring that makes you possible to look phone logs including the information about name, telephone number, time and call duration. The second is you can do sms, mms and e-mail monitoring to see the information about text, name, and date. You can monitor 13 platforms of different IM including, WhatsApp, Snapchat, BBM, Skype, etc. To know where the location of people, you can just track their GPS location.

But if you want the sophisticated features, you can choose the Extreme Flexispy. In this software, you can get features that are unavailable in the other product, like the feature of phone call interception which allows you to record the chat even you can cut and listen to it. You can monitor environment by using built-in camera and microphone to record an audio, video and photo. If you want to see people’s password, the keylogging function will make you able to do it.

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