When the ease and practicality to what most prioritized on a laptop, then the size is what the target of many laptop users. Today, it’s less efficient when using a laptop with a large size and had to take everywhere with you. Although its use is more freely, but in fact, bring it is a bother. In operating speed of a laptop is also what needs to be known in advance. If you buy a laptop with a slow performance, both in operational and connectivity, then you have a laptop useless.

ASUS UX21E KX004V resembles what is required by a user’s laptop in a complete package. The ultra small size, which is 12 inches facilitate anyone to use it, including junior high school students. Overall weight of this laptop is 2.43 pounds. That is, it can be grasped easily and not difficult to hold, because it has a very minimal level of thickness. If you use it on the train will not disturb other passengers as if your laptop uses the same laptop that large and thick. Read More →

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