Simple things to do to secure your laptop

All things in this world require a level of security in accordance with the portions. such as: a luxury home that has a wide range of valuable objects, of course, should be maintained with good facilities with a security guard or security system that is activated in the house. Not just something big like a house that needs to guard, but also a gadget that is very prone to viruses or anything else that caused by irresponsible persons. Such as laptops or other notebooks is the stuff that most of the target of hackers and other cyber criminals. This makes anyone who has a laptop to be more careful and keep it in various ways. What antivirus are the most widely used for laptop owners to protect their laptop.

The laptop has a lot of documents, files, and many important things that must be maintained. not just a laptop which contains important documents and archives, but on a personal laptop often there are many secrets, Which was a lot of users do not want people to know, such as multimedia files, personal photos, and even wrote a diary in a notebook. To secure things like this, really need a good guard.

Until now, the solution most often done to secure the laptop is to use a type of socket Kensington type found on many computers. although in addition, of course, there are several types of laptop security such as: install antivirus, a device that makes your fingerprint as a password to login, Which was then down loadable software must be installed onto your computer. Even Kensington socket that is connected to the internet will give you the address of the ISP is used. This will allow police to track your computer. Persons who are obliged to establish the truth are on your side.

Introduce a little, that the Kensington Security Slot is part of the anti-theft device with the form: a small metal-reinforced, oval-shaped holes are found on almost all small or portable computers and electronic equipment, especially in the expensive, such as laptops, computer monitors, desktop computers, game consoles, and video projectors. It is used to install a key tool-and-cable, in particular those from Kensington. The way it works is interesting because it is generally secured in place with a key or combination lock attached to a metal cable rubber, so this is what is most safe to use until today.

Besides, you are also recommended to have to enable user password in Microsoft Windows, so that when anyone starts trying to open your laptop, at least he takes time to know the password.

Securing any laptop you choose, be it software or key of physical security, it is important to be applied to avoid the various sorts of crimes in the internet world is threatening you with great ease.


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